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Resting up in the lush hillsides, this estate is a stunning property comprising a five-bedroom private home and an amazing two-bedroom private luxury cottage. This property is the ideal location for groups or families looking for an unforgettable Costa Rican getaway. Spacious accommodations for up to ten, Ocio Villa has five bedrooms three of which are considered masters. Every bedroom has an ensuite bathroom.Ocio cottage has one master bedroom and one more additional, both with bathrooms comfortably accommodating up to 4 more.Designed in harmony with the natural surroundings, This estate is the epitome of tropical elegance. Seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces, and fully capitalizing on the ocean view, this hillside property has all the creature comforts guest could desire with all the treasures of Costa Rica. Decorated with rustic wood furniture, cultural relics compliments the beautiful tiles and exposed beams.

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