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What is the Spanish Golden Visa?

The Golden Visa is a special residency permit designed for non-EU nationals. It offers you and your dependent family members easy access to the EU and the ability to live there, enriching your mobility and quality of life. It represents a prime opportunity for non-EU citizens desiring simplified access to Spain and the broader European Union without the extensive requirements of traditional residency paths.

Types of Residence Permits Granted

Benefits of the Golden Visa:

  • Travel Freedom: Enjoy visa-free travel within the Schengen Area, staying up to 90 days within any 180-day period.

  • Residency: You don’t need to live in Spain to maintain the visa, but residing there can lead to permanent residency after five years and eligibility for Spanish citizenship after ten years.

  • Access to Services: Avail of Spain's healthcare and education systems, renowned for their quality and accessibility.

How to Obtain a Golden Visa:

To qualify, you must invest a minimum of €500,000 in Spanish real estate, which can be distributed across multiple properties. Alternative investments include a minimum of €2 million in Spanish public debt.

Requirements for the Golden Visa:

  • Age and Investment: Applicants must be over 18 and have made the requisite investment.

  • Health Insurance: Secure health insurance from a Spanish provider.

  • Legal and Financial Checks: No history of Schengen visa rejections, a clean criminal record, and proof of sufficient funds are mandatory.

Necessary Documentation

Application: Start with the Spanish long visa application form.

Investment Proof: For real estate investments, include certification from the Land Registry showing dominion and taxes.

Health Documentation: Present a medical insurance certificate and a health certificate.

Financial Evidence: Demonstrate financial stability with funds significantly exceeding Spain’s IPREM threshold, which would be about €56,000 for an individual or €28,000 per family member for two years.

Application Process

  • Submission: After choosing your investment, submit the application.

  • Biometrics in Spain: Travel to Spain to complete biometric registration, which typically takes about two months.

  • Approval: The review and approval process usually concludes within 20 days after biometrics.

Additional Costs

Let's accurately calculate the total cost of investing €500,000 in property with additional fees and legal costs included:


1. Base Investment: €500,000

2. Additional Fees (approximately 10% of the property value):

   - 10% of €500,000 = €50,000

3. Legal Fees:

   - €3,500 plus 21% VAT = €3,500 + (€3,500 * 0.21) = €3,500 + €735 = €4,235


Now, let's add all these figures together to find the total investment:


  • €500,000 (base investment)

  • €50,000 (additional costs at 10%)

  • €4,235 (legal fees with VAT)


Total Estimated Investment: €554,235


Thus, the overall investment, accounting for property purchase, additional fees, and legal assistance, is estimated to be around €554,235.

This Golden Visa offers a strategic investment in Spain’s vibrant lifestyle and a straightforward path to European residence, making it a compelling option for those looking to enrich their lives and mobility.

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